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I try to live a healthy lifestyle, but my biggest weakness is pizza. It is so bad that whenever I travel I always do a google search for “Pizza” in my quest to discover the greatest pizza ever. I must admit though that I am very closed minded in my pizza selection. I prefer just a plain pepperoni or meat lovers pizza. I will tolerate some other varieties, but these are my favorites.

When I was in Cartagena, Colombia I discovered a Great pizza restaurant called DI SILVIO Trattoria. It was GREAT! A thin crust pepperoni pizza baked to perfection made my night. And I was tempted to order another one right then and there. So if you’re ever in the neighborhood “Getsemani” make sure you stop by for a bit. You will love it.

What does all this have to do with the Heights? A few years ago while in San Antonio my girlfriend knowing my weakness took me to Mellow Mushroom. I was impressed with the service, lunch specials and the pizza was very tasty. I was very glad to see the opening a Mellow Mushroom on the corner of Shepherd Dr and 20th St. I have not had the privilege to visit, but I hope it is as good as the ones in San Antonio. I hope to be there soon on my way to or from Cedar Creek. If you want some good pizza stop Mellow Mushroom by I wholeheartedly recommend it.

If you like to be near the hub of the big city, but like some green space, check out the Houston Heights. Be cautions when buying a home in the Heights, there are some historic sites,  deeds restriction and some locations can hurt the resale value of your home. There are tons of older homes that can or have been renovated, but there are gorgeous, spectacular new homes as well.

As I mentioned above along with Mellow Mushroom, the Heights has a plethora of restaurants and bars. This is great if you enjoy the night life, but the Heights is also one of the top communities with outdoor hot spots like Studewood Park, Woodland Park, Heights Hike and Bike Trails as well as White Oak Bayou Trail. So there is plenty to do.

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